Part-time job platform for young people in Monheim

Platform was tested at Familienrat networking event

Photo: Eva Heggemann

The new system was tested by representatives of the youth parliament, the local Child and Youth Development office, the Youth Advisory Service, the employment agency, and the Protestant community at the 11th nationwide Familienrat ("Family Council") network meeting organized on Thursday, September 14, which was devoted to the topic of "Involving Young People".

At a “future festival”, the participants got together to consider how to make different types of part-time jobs more accessible to young people. Within a year, the youth parliament hopes to establish a platform where employers can advertise jobs for young people – be it in the hospitality sector, retail, or any other private business. At the same time, it will enable young people to look for a part-time job independently, with postings for jobs on a regular basis paying up to 450 euros a month, or in return for a little pocket money. The youngsters now plan to consult Mayor Daniel Zimmermann to discuss the further steps needed to set up the part-time job platform.

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