Second night flea market is a resounding success

Photo: Carsten Linder

For the second time, Monheim am Rhein’s youth parliament (JuPa) organized its successful “NachtFlowMarkt”, an evening flea market for young sellers, in the Baumberg community center.

On November 25, in exchange for a small fee, a number of youngsters had the opportunity to set up their stands and sell their wares from 5 p.m. until 9 p.m.

There was plenty of interest, with many buyers arriving an hour early as they were keen to snap up a bargain. The sellers offered stylish clothes, garments they had outgrown or never worn, books, accessories, and plenty more besides.

With success like this, there’s bound to be another NachtFlowMarkt. We can’t wait!

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Second night flea market is a resounding success

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