Youth summit

What does a youth-friendly city of the future look like?

In July, young people discussed this question and other important topics in Monheim am Rhein, where representatives of the youth committees of Monheim and its twin towns Delitzsch (Saxony), Malbork (Poland), Bourg-la-Reine (France) and Tirat Carmel (Israel) came together.

The young people set up a camp on the meadow at the open-air stage, where they stayed overnight and discussed a youth-oriented "city of the future" in five different workshops during the day.


The young participants discussed the following topics:

Zero waste and sustainability: "Do it yourself!"

Among other things, this workshop dealt with the question of how to prevent waste in everyday life. The participants used everyday materials to make their own bath bombs and turned old shirts into bags. They also talked about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Culture and education: "Movement, expression, and communication"

In the dance workshop, participants explored the world of street art, particularly the works of Banksy, Blu, and Ericailcane, addressing issues of identity and transformation. Activities focused on physicality, body movement and dance. The workshop took place both at the open-air stage and at the skater park.

Self-discovery: "Who I am!"

In the workshop "Who I am!", participants dealt with their own personality and their needs. That also included examining their direct and indirect surroundings (fellow human beings and the environment), as well as a global perspective on one's own needs and how they affect others.

Economy and consumer behavior: "No Planet B!?"

The young people discussed how the economy and their own consumption affect the environment, climate and people. Among other things, the topic of fast fashion and its global structures was addressed.

Mobile media workshop

In the media workshop, participants learned how to use a camera, edit what they had filmed and how to best capture the mood at the camp.



During and after the workshops, the young people enjoyed playing table tennis, dancing and laughing together until the evening hours.


At the end of the summit, participants presented the results of their work to the mayors and representatives of their cities.
The following video is the result of the media workshop team that accompanied the Youth summit. It provides impressions from the camp and all workshops.     


After the Youth Summit, there will be further opportunities for exchange in the upcoming months. During online meetings, young people can talk about ideas from the Youth Summit as well as suggestions for future projects. They can also discuss how their ideas and results might possibly be integrated into municipal structures.

The Youth Summit in Monheim am Rhein was organized jointly by the Department of Children, Youth and Families and the Department of Interculturalism and Town Twinnings. The Youth Summit was supported by the LVR (Landschaftsverband Rheinland) and the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.



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